Our mission

To lead, engage, strategize, and build equitable relationships one community at a time.

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Finding social justice within the intersection of equity

We take your lived experiences and apply them in ways that make organizations more equitable, inclusive and create a sense of belonging for everyone.

Urban Equity Consulting is the very definition of who I am personally and professionally. My mission statement and values define who I am and where I have been.

I grew up in a mixed ethnicity, lower income family in the Lawrence Heights neighbourhood—a social housing community and in co-op housing in suburban Toronto. After 25 years of working with Canadian and international communities, and seeing that the current systems were not working for residents and employees from marginalized communities, something clicked! I knew what needed to be done, but that also required organizational leadership, culture, and systemic change. With my passion for innovation and advancing equity, I wanted to be a part of the solution.

I wanted to give back to marginalized and racialized communities and support progress. That’s how Urban Equity Consulting was born.  There is room to understand social justice within the intersection of equity. I listen to your stories and understand your lived experiences so that we can make organizations more equitable, inclusive and have a sense of belonging.

Our services

  • Equity Impact Assessments
  • EDI Strategic Planning
    • Organizational Analysis
    • Surveys/Focus Group/Employee Engagement
    • Strategic Analysis and Recommendations
    • Metrics suited to your organizations needs – KPI/OKR
André Darmanin, CEO

André Darmanin, DEI Strategist

Inclusive organizations simply perform better

Innovation is driven by diverse ideas and experiences. If your company isn’t inclusive, you’re missing out on potential goldmines that could help your organization excel.

Stronger teams

In 2013, Deloitte Australia conducted research and found that inclusive teams outperform their peers by 80% in team-based assessments.

Higher revenues

A 2018 study published by the Boston Consulting Group found that companies with more diverse management teams have 19% cent higher revenues due to innovation.

Better performance

McKinsey’s 2020 research found that companies with both gender and ethnically diverse teams outperformed their peers by up to 35% compared to less diverse organizations.

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