About Urban Equity Consulting

About Urban Equity Consulting

Mission Statement

To lead, engage, strategize, and build equitable relationships one community at a time.

Urban Equity Consulting is the very definition of who I am personally and professionally. My mission statement and values define who I am and where I have been. My career has spanned nearly two decades working in various capacities. I have a burning desire to do things differently. To change the status quo based on my lived experiences and those of others.

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Throughout my career, while I am grateful for what I accomplished, it was challenging to incorporate a social justice lens to transit planning because of the nature of the industry – siloed, technical and very few racialized people in leadership positions.

There is room to understand social justice within the intersection of equity. I listen to your stories and understand your lived experiences so that we can make organizations more equitable, inclusive and have a sense of belonging.

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