Category: Organizational Change, Justice and Leadership

  • I’m tired of the Oppression Olympics

    I’m tired of the Oppression Olympics. So why are organizational leaders and equity practitioners still doing it?

  • How an encounter with an Uber driver allowed me to become more culturally aware

    One sunny weekday morning, I was on my way to see my new family doctor. I chose to take an Uber to my appointment. My driver was a Black male from an African nation. I did not ask him which country, although I could have assumed it was from one of the French-speaking ones since […]

  • It’s time practitioners do away with JEDI

    Look! I’ve never watched any Star Wars movies and never will. SciFi isn’t a genre of film I like. Sue me!!! So when I hear continuously hear practitioners float around JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion), or some jumbled up letters to mean the same thing, I take issue with it. I already have an issue […]

  • Using a systems thinking approach to equity work

    Having been immersed in equity work over the last few years, I’ve learned quite a bit. During my experience in the public sector, I grew tired of incrementalism. In addition, I interviewed for a variety of positions, mainly related to training or equity work that tied into human resources functions. I always had an affinity […]

  • The Changing Vernacular of Equity Practitioners

    I have a few things to get off my chest. Now this isn’t really a soapbox, but rather experiences of how we engage with professionals in the equity and inclusion space. While on vacation in Montréal last week, my partner and I experienced a bit of an unconscious bias. After we were seated in a […]