Global Conversations

Honest discussions to help educate equity practitioners.

Global Conversation E5: Data Equity with Aparna Rae

Organizations of all sizes are taking a hard look at equity and inclusion initiatives to ensure their workforces are representative of the communities they serve. The leaders along with the C-suite, should intentionally empower those who own talent-related business outcomes an effective data, driven culture and equity and inclusion provides leaders with the information they need to make smart decisions that will move the organizations forward. Founder and CEO of Moving Beyond, and the host of the Data is Love podcast, Aparna Rae is here today with us to discuss this important topic.

Global Conversation E4: Changing Workplace Culture with Angela R. Howard

Over the years there have been many talks of changing workplace culture, but how does that change happen? My guest Angela R Howard with her background in industrial-organizational psychology gives her perspective on how we can build equity within our organizations.

Global Conversations E1: Inclusive Leadership with Nadia Nagamootoo and Jenny Vazquez-Newsum

There are various styles used by leaders – inclusive, transformation, servant, adaptive, etc. Many leadership styles are fluid and can be utilized based on respective situations. So what does an inclusive leadership style? Is it any different in a global context? What makes a great inclusive leader working as an equity practitioner. My guests Nadia Nagamootoo and Jenny Vazquez-Newsum discuss this topic and a whole lot more.

UE Chats – S1E6: A Talk on Racial Imposter Syndrome with Shonagh Reid & Jennisha Wilson

Shonagh, Jennisha and I had a candid conversation about our lived experiences as mixed race/bi-racial people who went through moments of racial imposter syndrome. Watch us talk about strategies and solutions for equity practitioners and employers who have these unique experiences.

UE Chats – S1E5: Should We Ditch the ‘D’ in EDI? with Dr. Cheryl Thompson and Dr. Carey Yazeed

Addressing diversity, whether it is talent or employee contributions have been around for as long as the EDI profession. But only now are we talking about whether we need to move on from diversity. Dr. Cheryl Thompson (X University) and I wrote separate posts on ditching diversity in order to advance equity and inclusion and belonging. Dr. Carey Yazeed (CU Strategic Planning) agrees as well among others. We will be having a groundbreaking discussion on how organizations should move on from diversity and further address equity, inclusion and belonging.

UE Chats – S1E4: Moving from Performative Statements to Action with Christopher Scipio, Saleha Khan & Farrell Hall

Guests Christopher Scipio, Saleha Khan and Farrell Hall are here to discuss why equity practitioners have been stifled from taking action on making meaningful changes for their organizations and how to move from making performative statements to performative actions.

UE Chats – S1E3: The Geography of Place – Economic Developers Solution to Advancing Equity with Elizabeth Garcia & Alia Abbas

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UE Chats – S1E2: Party of One with Dr. Shana Almeida & Meeta Gandhi

There seems to be a disconnect between what organizational leaders want when it comes to wanting their organizations to become more inclusive and equitable and who they hire to do the job. Most time those who are hired must do it alone without any support. Equity practitioners have been burnt out and leave these organizations within the first two years. Dr. Shana Almeida from X University and Meeta Gandhi from the Town of East Gwillimbury help break down the causes and solutions of being the Party of One.

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